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Bold Women Who Helped
Change the World for the Better

54 women, 54 stories

Did you know that Amelia Earhart had no interest in airplanes until her father convinced her to take a ride at an airshow?

Or that Jane Goodall didn’t have any scientific degrees and only got the gig with the chimpanzees because she was a secretary with no scientific bias?

Or that Fannie Lou Hamer’s path to becoming an activist for civil rights happened because she was the only sharecropper who could read?

Or that Annie Oakley really became a household name because her husband wasn’t intimidated by the fact that she was a better shot than he was?

Me either.

And that’s why writing this book series was so important to me.

Because most little girls aren’t raised to think that they should take risks.

Or that they should trust their instincts.

Or that they shouldn’t minimize their intelligence.

I want to change that.

The Women

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